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The Dirk and Jaap Oudes Foundation started in 2003 with the intention to give greater publicity to the artists Dirk Oudes (father) and Jaap Oudes (son). The foundation has access, to their legacy, which includes many paintings, drawings, sculptures and documents. The Foundation, however, has no ownership, but we can act as a mediator for art purchases.

Our activities mainly focus on studying the oeuvres of both artists, organizing or facilitating exhibitions, attending to publications, and gathering information and making this information available.
In addition we can support projects by upcoming artists, illustrators, art history students, poets etc, who would like to use the work for their own interpretation or want to start a researchproject concerning the life and work of Dirk and Jaap Oudes.

The Foundation is curious about the whereabouts of paintings and drawings and all information concerning the life of the artist in connection with future publications and exhibitions.