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Coloured Pencil Topics

June 2015 Coloured Pencil Topics by Peter Weatherill

Jaap Oudes has worked his entire artistic life mainly with pencil.

Jaap Oudes is certainly not the only artist who has used pencil as material. An interesting search on the web revealed that, for example, artists like Jackson Pollock and David Hockney have made beautiful work with coloured pencil.

Worldwide there are Pencil Societies, who support coloured pencil artists. They are actif in organizing exhibitions, workshops, providing all sorts of pencil information, awards. The pencilartsociety website for example is a source of information for those who like to know more about art created with (coloured) pencil, graphite pencil, conté, watersoluble pencil. This society has subsections all over the world, United States, Uk, Denmark, France, Japan, Australia.

While searching the web we came in contact with Peter Weatherill, a passionate lover of pencil art. On his website various topics can be found about pencil art. Peter was very enthousiastic about the work of Jaap Oudes. He has placed a nice article about Jaap's work on his website next to the topics about David Hockney and Jackson Pollock.

In short, a site for hours of reading. For reading the article about Jaap please visit the following link "Coloured Art History".


18-04-2014, Palmsunday, Christian symbolism in the work of Jaap Oudes

Palm PasenJO TK 0008   Palmsunday, iconographic images in the work of Jaap Oudes.

Heartwarming symbolism, apperently Jaap knew a lot of this subject.

What do we see in the picture : Jesus with crown, the donkey (symbol of peace), buxustwigs instead of palmtwigs (symbol of victory, ressurection and independenceof Israel), 3 cocks instead of 1 (symbol for Petrus or perhaps for a weather vane that points the direction to go), bread (does it refer to Jesus as bread for the people), the lamb that licks the feet of Jesus (atoning sacrifice), John the Baptist recognizible as farmer holding the lamb, easter lillies...

When looking closely Jaap's work is full with symbolism.