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18-04-2014, Palmsunday, Christian symbolism in the work of Jaap Oudes

Palm PasenJO TK 0008   Palmsunday, iconographic images in the work of Jaap Oudes.

Heartwarming symbolism, apperently Jaap knew a lot of this subject.

What do we see in the picture : Jesus with crown, the donkey (symbol of peace), buxustwigs instead of palmtwigs (symbol of victory, ressurection and independenceof Israel), 3 cocks instead of 1 (symbol for Petrus or perhaps for a weather vane that points the direction to go), bread (does it refer to Jesus as bread for the people), the lamb that licks the feet of Jesus (atoning sacrifice), John the Baptist recognizible as farmer holding the lamb, easter lillies...

When looking closely Jaap's work is full with symbolism.